Conference Program

Conference Program and Abstracts

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Wednesday: 24th of April, 2024

10.30-11.00Opening Address
11.15-13.00Roundtable 3Panel 3-1Panel 1-1Panel 4-1
14.15-16.00Panel 8Panel 3-2Panel 1-2Panel 4-2
16.15-18.00Plenary Keynote Disc.

Conference Dinner at 19.00 at “La Jefa” (, Svartbäcksgatan 19, Uppsala. A Buffet Dinner, drinks not included. 

Thursday: 25th of April, 2024

Room:Thunberg, SCAS6-10233-20282-2050
09.15-11.00Panel 4-3Panel 7-1Panel 10-1
11.15-13.00Panel 2Panel 7-2Panel 10-2
(self organized)
15.00–16.30Alisse Waterston’s Keynote
17.00Reception at SCAS*

* Due to the limited number of seats at SCAS (85 seats), attendance of keynote lecture is organized on the first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the reception at SCAS is for keynote participants only.  

Friday: 26th of April, 2024

09.15-11.00SANT ann. meeting
11.15-13.00Roundtable 2Panel 9-1Panel 6-1Panel 5-1
14.15–16.00Roundtable 1Panel 9-2Panel 6-2Panel 5-2
16.15-17.00Artist Performance (more info below)

Making Sense – Artistic Intervention

This fusion of workshop and performance will delve into intricacies of improvisation within Western contemporary dance, where improvisation is an acknowledged, practiced, and nurtured body of techniques. The field itself encompasses a fascinating range of applications and practices, from enhancing mental resilience through movement diversification to development of compositional techniques. During the hybrid conference presentation, participants will be guided through a set of exercises, structured to help us become more attuned to our bodies, broaden our range of movement, and heighten our awareness of our embodiment. After the practical session, there will be a brief reflection on different aspects of improvisational realities within the realm of contemporary dance and why they seem to be on the rise today, followed by a dance performance showcasing the method known as “instant composition”. The performers are members of the Babice dance company, with live musical accompaniment by the Sputnik collective.

Anthropologists typically explore the world by immersing themselves in different physical environments, a practice that often challenges their own embodied selves. As the recognition of embodied knowledge increases in the social sciences, the challenge remains of how to effectively practice and develop embodied awareness and skills. Beside exploring what we can learn about our culture by examining the richness of improvisation techniques within the contemporary dance field, “Making Sense” also represents an experiment in addressing the issue highlighted above.

The event will be facilitated by Zala Pezdir, a Slovenian born dancer, choreographer, teacher, and cultural anthropologist. With a background that spans over twenty years in professional dance, she has experience with improvisational performance on international stages and teaches improvisation at Stockholms konstnärliga högskolan. Zala also leads the Babice dance company in Uppsala, where the focus is on utilizing improvisation as a technique for both choreography and artistic expression, as well as a means for bringing contemporary dance expressions into previously untested contexts.


The Conference will be held in the Humanities Theater, at The English Park campus, Uppsala University.

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